27 May 2012


There is so much to do in a life... I hope to have achieved at least some of my projects by the age of 64! I hope to be a nice white-haired granny. I'll probably be retired, after having had a distinguished career in the police force. My husband (a wonderful, wealthy, doctor!) and I will finally go on that long trip around the world we promised ourselves. We will tell our children and grandchildren all about our travel adventures.

20 May 2012


Quand j'aurai 64 ans, je vivrai avec mon mari dans une petite maison avec un chien. J’espère recevoir souvent la visite de mes enfants et de mes petits-enfants et de passer du temps avec eux.

Je pratiquerai du sport pour rester en bonne santé.

Je partirai en vacances avec ma famille et nous visiterons beaucoup de pays étrangers.

Je profiterai de chaque moment de ma vie car nous n'avons qu'une vie !

When I am 64, I think I will live with my husband in a small house with a dog and I hope to often get visits from my children and my grandchildren and I will spend time with them.

I will practice sport to keep healthy.

I will go on holiday with my family and we will visit lots of foreign countries.

I will enjoy every moment of my life because we only have one life!

15 May 2012


J'aurai trois ou quatre enfants et de nombreux petits enfants. Nous habiterons tous à Cannes, la plus belle ville du monde !

J'espère avoir réussi ma vie professionnelle et surtout avoir pu continuer à faire de la danse et du cheval.

J'espère aussi être en bonne santé et éviter des frais médicaux à ma famille.

I will have three ou four children and many grandchildren. We will all live in Cannes, the most beautiful city in the world!

I hope to have made a success of the job of my dreams and especially to have been able to continue to dance and to ride horses.

I also hope to be healthy and avoid medical expenses for my family.

14 May 2012


I would like to be a doctor because it's been my dream since I was young.

I think I will be very sporty because I love all sorts of sport.

I would like to be married and have three children with twins: just one boy and two girls.

I hope to still be in a good health although I will be a grandmother. I also hope that my parents will still be alive... How old will they be? Wow, ancient!

I would like to live in Bordeaux with my family because I think it's the best city in France after Paris. But when my husband and I finally retire, I would like us to live in Corsica. Or maybe I in Hawaii or Australia.

I hope that my children and my grandchildren will be living in a society that is more just than today and without wars...


J'ai 15 ans. Quand j’en aurai 64, je serai comme je suis aujourd'hui mais en plus vieille, c'est tout !

Je pense que je serai plus petite en taille que maintenant. Mes cheveux blonds seront probablement devenus gris. Mon visage, c’est sûr, aura des rides et moins de boutons contrairement à aujourd’hui...

Mon caractère ne changera pas, contrairement à mon physique. Je pense que je serai aussi gentille, calme mais active même si je suis âgée.

I’m fifteen. When I’ll be 64, I’ll be just my usual self, just older!

I’ll be smaller than today. It is likely my blond hair will be going grey. My face is sure to have some wrinkles and fewer spots...

My character will probably not have changed much; I think I’ll still be kind, gentle and really lively even though I’ll be old!


Quand j'aurai 64 ans, j'aurai réalisé la plupart de mes rêves comme voyager, ou avoir une belle maison, mais la vie sera toujours belle.

Je passerai de bons moments avec mes enfants et mes petits-enfants. Je les aiderai dans leur vie quotidienne tout comme ma famille le fait pour moi maintenant.

Je ferai tout mon possible pour rester en bonne santé: du sport, ne pas fumer, ne pas trop boire.

Je travaillerai toujours un peu pour pouvoir, par exemple, offrir des cadeaux à mes amis.

When I am 64, I will have realized most of my dreams, like travel to exotic places, having a nice house, etc., but I will still be enjoying my life...

I will have great moments with my children and my grand children. I will help them in their daily lives like my family does now.

I expect that I will be in good health and I will do everything to stay fit: sport, no smoking, not drinking too much either.

I will still work a little bit to have extra money, to be able to offer gifts to my friends and so on.