12 May 2012


Do you think it’s possible to still feel like a kid even when you're old? If not, then I hope never to reach 64!

Will I be strong enough not to be affected by society's perversity, the violence of the world? I hope I will not become cynical...

When I’m 64, I hope to live in the beautiful wilds of Canada, with my family, my husky dogs and my snowboard. If you think it’s not possible to snowboard at 64, then check out this video!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoSuxL57xRY

I will have travelled a lot by the age of 64, and I will have a lot of stories to tell.

I’m sure I will still be active and I will do my best to help poor children who have not had the chance to be happy like me in my childhood.

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