13 May 2012


When I'm 64, it'll be 2060... That seems so very far away!

I hope I will not be a wreck, with a horrible face! I would hate to have white hair or, worse, be bald! I want to still be able to walk, even be fit enough to do some sport...

I hope I will have a few grandchildren. I want to look after them during the holidays. If my parents are still alive, I want to do many things with my whole family. Simple things, like having a picnic and telling them the story of my life...

I would like to have become a man who has not always done the same things all his life... Being stuck in front of the television, or reading boring books is not my thing!

As I will be retired, I will have all the time I need to do charity work. Of course, some countries will still be more developed than others, but I think there will be less injustice; I hope I have another fifty years or more to help build a better future for all.

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